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Entries are accepted on a first come basis.

Studio directors determine the level of each dancer. Competition routine level is determined by the level of the dancers registered.

We accept entries through studios and independents


ENTRY FEES: Available to studios only. Email for Entry fee pricing: All Entry Fees must be paid 30 days or more prior to the start of the first day of competition to avoid being charged a late fee. Deposits are accepted to save your spot at one of our events.


NATIONAL ENTRIES: Entries do not need to qualify to participate at our nationals. 


Dancers may enter as many categories as desired. Soloists are limited to three solos per regional event and cannot compete more than once in the same category (jazz, tap, etc.). 


Refunds will only be issued to dancers who become injured with a doctor’s note. There are no refunds should the location of an event change and/or if an event is rescheduled. All refunds will be processed, and issued to the studio, after the event has taken place in case of additional changes/injuries.


FAME is happy to try to accommodate scheduling requests, however, due to the number of requests received, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone. There are no refunds for conflicts that cannot be accommodated.


Novice Level – Division is for beginner dancers who take 3 or less hours of dance per week and have had limited or no competition experience.

Intermediate Level – Division is for intermediate dancers who take 5 or less hours of dance per week and have had previous competition experience.

Elite Level – Division is for advanced dancers who take 5 or more hours of dance per week and have previous competition experience.


Solos – Dancers with more than one solo, must compete in the same level for all.

Duet/Trios – The majority level out of dancers determine the level of the routine. If 50/50 the routine will go to the higher level.

Small/Large Groups – The majority level out of dancers determine the level of the routine.

Lines/Productions – The majority level out of dancers determine the level of the routine.


Acro/Gymnastics – Routine containing acrobatic and gymnastic moves including limbers, walkovers, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, etc. Choreography must also contain 50% dance technique.

Ballet – Routine consisting of classical ballet movement and technique, ballet slippers only.

Ballroom - Routine consisting of classical ballroom and latin techniques.  Dancers must wear ballroom shoes.

Baton - Routine using batons & baton technique

Character - Routine that portrays an easily recognizable character

Cheerleading - Routine with vocal cheering and dance.  Strong, sharp movements and formations that are consistent with cheer routines.

Clogging – Routine consisting of clogging technique.

Contemporary – Routine consisting of contemporary jazz/lyrical/modern technique.

Drill – Routine using military style technique along with any additional style of dance and can include flags, props, etc.

Ethnic – Routine consisting of any ethnic style of dance (African, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, etc.).

Hip Hop – Routine consisting of mostly hip hop or street style moves.

Jazz – Routine consisting of primarily jazz technique.

Lyrical – Routine where dancers interpret the lyrics of a song.

Modern – Interpretive routine in modern style.

Musical Theater – Routine choreographed to a song from a Broadway or movie musical.

Open – Routine consisting of more than one style of dance or that does not fit into any other category.

Pointe – Routine containing pointe technique. At least 50% of the dancers must be on pointe.

Pom – Routine consisting of Pom technique and use for approximately 80% of the routine

Production - Routine that is entered in the Line Division and has a minimum of 20 performers

Tap – Routine consisting of tap technique.

Vocal - (Advanced Level Only)  A performance of any type of vocal presentation. Pre-recorded accompaniment is required or acapella. (No lead vocals may be recorded; backup voices only will be permitted).  We will provide two handheld, wireless microphones.  No personal/studio microphones, headsets, etc. will be permitted to be hooked into the sound system.

Important Info:

*Only 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted in all categories besides acrobatic/open. Passes are considered one trick.

*Soloist may not compete against themselves in a given genre. Soloists may only place once in the high score rankings.


Solos 2:45 minutes
Duet/Trios 2:45 minutes
Small Groups 3 minutes
Large Groups 4 minutes
Lines/Productions 8 minutes

        Extended time is available to purchase on registration site.


Solo -  1 dancer
Duet/Trio  -  2-3 dancers
Small Group  -  4-9 dancers
Large Group  -  10-19 dancers
Line/Production  -  20+ dancers


Mini 7 & under
Petite 8-9
Junior 10-12
Teen 13-15
Senior 16-19
Adult 20 & up

Dancer’s age is determined by their age as of January 1st of that calendar year.


Every performance will be critiqued according to the competition level, age, and category by a panel of 3 judges. Each judge will use a 100 point scale and score based up technique, showmanship, and precision.  Each routine will have a video critique from all three judges. Score Sheets  and Video Critiques will be available on your registration portal 3 business days after the competition has ended or sooner


In the Novice division:

Super Fame: 280-300
Platinum: 260-279

Gold 240-259

Silver: 0-239


In the Intermediate division:

Super Fame: 285-300
Platinum: 265-284

Gold: 240-264

Silver: 0-239

In the Elite division:

Super Fame 285-300
Platinum: 265-284

Gold: 240-264

Silver: 0-239


Props must be set up and removed in a timely fashion. Any type of prop must be able to be set up and broken down within 1 minute. If the prop will take longer then that, please contact our office to purchase additional time to avoid penalties.


Fame is a family friendly competition. No foul language or inappropriate behavior will be allowed.


Please upload all music to the registration software at least 7 days prior to the competition. Please bring a backup of all music on a flash drive.


Photos and video will be provided by A Cut Above The Rest Productions. The studio may decide to participate in the media fee where all dancers will receive all media at a discounted price. Media to be emailed ot the studio directors within 14 days of the competition if not sooner to be emailed on to the parents. If the studio decides not to do the media package, parents may go to to purchase media individually at a higher price.

All photo and video is strictly prohibited.

By attending an event at FAME, you allow FAME to use any photos and videos taken at the event for marketing and to post on social media. 

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